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Our roof repair services come in different categories; we only attend to it according to the extent of their damage. Roof damage or decay can be quite dangerous if nothing is done about it. But surprisingly, not many people know how to check their roof for any damage. Well, maybe it is not much of a big deal because signs are usually very easy to ascertain. Well, you are in luck today because this write-up is all about identifying damaged roofs that need repair. And remember, there is no better company to perform seamless roof repair work than Chattanooga Roofing Company. Lets get back to our topic

Five Ways To Identity Damaged Roofs

 1. Sun Rays Passing Through

You must see situations where sun rays pass through tiny roof holes on the roof. Nothing is strange about holes on the roof, but the fact that these holes are big enough for visible sunlight to pass through, means that the roof is dead already, this, needs to be changed.

As obvious as this sign is, it is usually neglected. We noticed that the reason behind the negligence is because sometimes these things happen in overlooked rooms and attics. To dictate this damage, you need to switch off the light and look out for those holes. Again, look through those holes to see if you can view the sky from there. And if you can, that’s where we come in.

Builder Working On Roof Of New Building, Construction Worker Wea

2. Leaks

You might not notice leaks until it rains. One thing with leaks is that it is not obvious; you can barely see it with your eyes rather, you can only see the effect. One thing about leaks is that it causes more damage if not quickly repaired. Imagine if the leak happened in your office?

The damage will affect the files, office equipment, e.t.c when it rains. This is why a repair must be carried out immediately when things are noticed. You have to also understand that as the moisture persists, the affected place quickly expands as a result of contact with the temperature change. But due to the invisible nature of leaks on roofs, you hardly find out if doesn’t rain, so when it finally does, make sure you fix it ASAP before it does more damage.

3. Discoloration

This happens when the roof is getting weak already, this is caused by dumping moistures on the roof. When things like this are contained, it can extend to the walls. It comes with dirt and dust that soaks with the water, to form these colorings on the roof. First, it contaminates the paint, before penetrating the main roofing material. Unchecked discoloration can also lead to rust which is the worst-case scenario. Discoloration often comes in both yellow and brown colors. By the way, the presence of discoloration means that there is a leak somewhere. And when such a thing happens, it is advised that you fix it immediately before it extends further.

4. Sagging

Many factors can lead to your roof sagging, first is water stagnation: when water dumps on some part of the roof for a long time, sagging is likely to take place. Again, if the roof happens to encounter an impact with a heavy object that affected the area will sure experience some extent of sagging around it. So, to remedy this situation, it is advised you get the services of a professional roofer to spot out and fix the affected area.

5. Roof Damage

This is the obvious one, this occurs when the roof comes in contact with sharp objects that eventually cut the roof open. A situation like this is the second most common cause of damages on roofs. Often, we notice that some people prefer to work on such a situation themselves by doing some novice patching without consulting a professional roofers, thereby causing more damage to the roof. Again, always seek the services of a professional without attempting to do it yourself  or else you may cause more damage.