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Metal Roofing Installation & Repair

The metal roofing system is made from metal pieces that are famous for their high resistance, longevity, and impermeability. Most of these materials are copper, zinc, and alloy steels, and they are seen to be very common in the production of these metal roofs. Metal roofs can last as long as 100 years and are seen to be less expensive compared to asphalt shingles. Metal roofs consist of high rate of recycled materials; hence, it is 100% recyclable.

Surprisingly enough, the metal roofing system is not even as hot as the asphalt system. This is because of its ability to divert heat away from the building. This has been used in some island buildings to reduce the amount of heat in the cities. Again, the metal insulating abilities help it achieve such an aim, while it offers just 40% of the cost of energy during summer.


The strapping system of installing metal roofs requires using four inches between cool color metal and the plywood on the top of the roof. This goes ahead to create an air gap between the metal and the plywood roof sheathing. Cool-color metals are very light in weight, and reflective colors. In our experience so far, insulating and resealing air ducts in the attic area save cost.

The lightweight of the metal roofing material creates minor stress and can be installed on the top of the existing roof. Also note, that lightweight roofs are important for old or large structures, it helps it maintain a building’s total structural pattern. Even with lightweight, metal roofs increases wind resistance when compared with other materials. This fact can be attributed to the type of interlocking system used on panels. 

Professional Metal Roofing Services In Chatanooga

But one of the disadvantages of a metal roofing system is the noise that emanates when it rains, as in, the type of noise it produces when rain hits the surface. And in a snowy location, the possibility of snow falling off on to passersby or nearby property is high.

Metal Roofs made Corrugated Galvanized Steel

Metal roofs are often made of corrugated galvanized steel. A corrugated galvanized steel is an iron–steel sheet coated with zinc materials and rolled into corrugated sheets. Another method of producing corrugated galvanized steel is to blend silicon-coated steel, zinc, and aluminum. Often, you see these products sell under different names like Galvalume or Zincalume. Another type of metal roofing product comes in different widths known as standing seam metals. The metal materials are seamed up together with the help of a special seaming machine that runs vertically along with the panel, sealing the joints and preventing water from penetrating. Roofing panels like stone coated steel are produced from aluminum/zinc coated steels blended with an acrylic gel coating.

The stones usually come in an original product with a touch of ceramic coating, but Stainless steel is another alternative. It is often roll-formed into a standing seam roofing profile, but you can still find individual shingles there.

Metal Roofing: Copper Material

The use of copper material in roofing is because of it’s resistance to corrosion, longevity, low cost of maintenance, durability, lightning resistance, and radiofrequency shielding. Copper roofing patterns are usually the most distinguishable features of architecture in modern buildings today. It is often seen in university buildings, churches, and government buildings. Presently, coppers are not only used in roofing; it is also used coping and flashings, downspouts, spire, domes, and vaults.

Finally, you have to understand that just like the usual style of coating roofing materials, ceramic style of coatings can still be applied metal roof materials, this coating agents act as a heat-reflective property. Most of these coating agents are produced from regular paints but comes with ceramic beads mixed with additives.

One other common reason why people often prefer copper roofing materials is because of recyclability; it can easily be transformed when the building is dismantled. It is also important to note that Chattanooga roofing services have got you at each step when it comes to metal roofing.